Saturday, June 18, 2005

What will the future hold?

Work: From the looks of it, our office is about to implode. Four people left last week Friday and yesterday one more gave notice. Her last day is next Friday. She is a sweet woman who is quite smart and knows what she's doing. She also just returned from maternity leave after giving birth to twins! I gave her a pair of earrings, that she admired, as a going away present. They were sterling silver drops made of pink and clear Swarovski crystals. I heard from a friend that there have been rumors going around the hospitals that our group of docs is splitting up. If this is the case, I hope my old doc takes me with him. I'd even consider doing front & back office again. I realized this week that I have been with him for 10 years as of this month! If the group doesn't split, I still don't think I'll be going anywhere. Admin really leaves me and my partner alone unless they need something from us. No one really knows what we do and how we do it. We're the only ones in the company who use the programs we do and there isn't anyone left in the company who can take over for us if we leave. Sounds like our jobs are secure, right? Ha! They've already outsourced our transcription to India. Who is to say that they won't outsource the rest of our job?

Home: What would you think when your husband of 15 years calls you from a business trip and says that when he gets home we have to sit down and have a serious talk about our future? My first thought was that his statement was quite ominous and that he wants a divorce. He came home yesterday but we never got a chance to have that talk so when he called me from work today I asked him about it. He said we'll have that talk tomorrow but I, not being one to wait, asked if he wanted a divorce. Had he met someone else? He starts laughing and said that was the most stupid thing he's ever heard me say. It is definitely not like that. Whew! Everytime I've spoken to him today he starts to laugh and calls me stupid. This is one time I don't mind being called stupid. Wouldn't it be cool if he said that I didn't have to go back to my job but instead knit and make jewelry all day? Well, that's in addition to cleaning, laundry, cooking, chauffering, grocery shopping, arbitrating, etc, etc. Hmmm...can't wait to have this conversation.

Going to bed now. Hopefully I can read a couple of chapters before nodding off.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Good reads?

Just started reading Wait Until Midnight tonight. Amanda Quick aka Jayne Ann Krentz is one of my favorite romance writers. I bought these two books on a mini shopping spree today. I really went to the store for toothpaste...$148 later...somebody stop me! Got to moi moi (go to bed) now. Work tomorrow.

Earrings, earrings everywhere!

These are just a few of the earrings I made this week. I was up until 4 a.m. this morning trying out different combinations while trying to think of various outfits to match. I have many more that I don't have pictures of yet. In all, I made 29 pairs. I know my work is still in the amateur phase. I have to get the wire loop perfected. To my friends, however, they're fine. I am still my own worst critic. Regardless, I still think they're da bomb!

Had to finally slow down...out of beads. Unless I sell them, I can't justify my addiction. I've spent about $75 this week on beads and paraphernalia. I've made $20 and given 3 gifts but still...

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Stopped by the craft store on the way home from work yesterday and last night while watching TV I decided to make more earrings. Sorry I don't have any pictures to post (meant to do that before bed). I brought them to work to show them off and gave away 2 pair and sold 4 more! Melissa, who made the purchase, buys the most scarves from me at Christmastime every year. Tomorrow is her last day (leaving because of the idiots. See previous post.) and I'm going to miss her.

I'm surrounded by idiots

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I must explain. Our doctors decided that having a CEO wasn't the way to go so they hired a management group from Texas to take over running our company. These guys are chauvinistic, egocentric, arrogant, good ol boys who think nothing of making our lives Hell in order to improve the bottom line. So far, I don't see that bottom line improving. All I see is everyone fed up, good, experienced people quitting and morale at rock bottom. I do not think all people from Texas are idiots. My dad spent a few formative years there and he is by no means an idiot. I think that this bumpersticker was meant for George Dubya, actually.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

All of the memory wire bracelets I made last night & tonight. I made and dismantled the same bracelets several times before I got the look just right. In fact, I took apart two bracelets and didn't rebuild because I just wasn't happy with the look.  Posted by Hello

Earrings I made tonight. I made two sets of the blue for my secret pal and one for me. Posted by Hello

Another bracelet I made with memory wire. I like this stuff. Posted by Hello

Bracelet & earring set I made tonight. I think I'll keep this one for me. Posted by Hello

Bracelet & earrings I made for my bunco secret pal. Hope she likes it. Posted by Hello