Sunday, May 01, 2016

Hershey's kiss roses

This is a little photo tutorial on how I make Hershey's kiss roses.  After seeing these online, I knew I had to try making them as Mother's Day is next week as is my mom's birthday.  Here we go:

List of materials:
Red cellophane wrapping, cut into 5" squares
Green cellophane wrapping, cut into 3" squares
Wooden bbq skewers or 18 gauge floral stem wire.  If using wire
do not insert into the chocolate.  Make a loop at one end and hold it next to the candy and wrap both in red cello.
Floral stem wrapping tape, 20" per stem
Small hair elastics.  These are Goody brand
Zots medium clear adhesive dots or adhesive of choice
Hershey's kisses, one bag easily makes 2 dozen roses