Monday, February 28, 2005

The entire "crabitat" as it is sitting on the kitchen counter. I will have to cover it with a moist towel tonight to keep the humidity high for them. You can learn all about the care of them at Go figure! Posted by Hello

Ozzy & Jimmy (Hendrix) in their crabitat. These are the most recent additions to the family. Chris got the idea from school. There are a couple of crabs there and he was pestering me all week. How could I have been prepared for the $40 price tag on all the crab accoutrements? Now I have to go to the mall and see these painted shells that people have been telling me about. One of the crabs at Chris' school has a blue shell with the superman logo on it. Chris was really bummed when we woke up and found that Jimmy had switched shells during the night. He was so upset because mommy couldn't "make" Ozzy switch shells too. Posted by Hello

As promised, here are the needles that Bernie made for me. I think he did a great job. I'm anxious to start a project with these but I'm so into the bags right now that I have to wait a bit. Perhaps a quick scarf would be the perfect match. Posted by Hello

Doesn't this look so much better? I steamed out the wrinkles and blocked it while it was hot. The flower just adds that "je ne sais quoi." I just love it now, whereas I was a bit lukewarm to it before. I think because it was too plain. Posted by Hello


Here is the finished bag. I think it turned out so well. Apparently Adele thinks so too. She's buying this one and the black/multi just like this one. Pam bought the black with red boa/black fur today. Thanks Pammy!! Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Depression setting in...

because I am officially "40" right now. Just had an appointment with my new GP doc and had to give him the whole medical/family history. Not only am I 40 but I've gained 8 pounds since my last appointment when I went to the QuickCare back in October. He ordered the gamut of blood work, testing for diabetes, thyroid problems, etc. My blood pressure was 142/92. It wasn't because I was nervous, nor was it because I had just waited 2 hours to be seen. I know I'm fat and out of shape, but didn't think I'd feel this shitty. It's so funny how I've made little deals with myself over the years...swearing not to enter my 20's, 30's and now 40's being fat. What's it gonna take to finally do something about it? A heart attack? Bernie and I went to a Home Remodeling show on Friday and had to hike up the hill back to the truck. It wasn't far, just steep. I swear to God that my chest got all tight and I was so out of breath. He just laughed at me. It wasn't funny. I could feel my heart pounding for several minutes afterward. So, did I go home all renewed and start exercising? Hell no...I'm too fricken lazy! I know I should. In fact, my chest is feeling a little tight right now and I'm just sitting here typing. Aw shit!

Now for the good news. I've got the brown Paton's Classic Merino/Brown & Grey Noro #12 in the washer as I'm typing this. I wanted to be done last night but couldn't keep my eyes open. I've got an idea for a new bag in my head right now that I'd like to start. It will have somewhat of a hobo bag style. I have another ball of Noro that I'd like to use with Black Paton's Classic that I'd like to use.

Also, Bernie finished a pair of needles for me on his lathe. He's getting pretty inventive in his woodturning. I can't remember what type of wood he used but they're about a size 19 US, about 10 inches long and really light! He made them with the end-cap all in one piece. Too cool. Pictures of the bag and needles will be taken tomorrow and posted.

Back to the needles!...or more realistically, on to bed

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Got started on this poncho last night. After I made Ambrina's little one, I just had to have another for myself. I think I'll just go one more skein before I'm done. It's LB Homespun in Waterfall crocheted on a P hook. My pattern is posted in the file section of the Poncho Knit Along Yahoo! Group. Posted by Hello

Another view of the #55 colorway. Black, greys & browns. Posted by Hello

Here is the next bag in line. It is Paton's Classic Merino in Taupe and Noro Kureyon in #55. I think they will work great together with the natural wood handle. Can't wait.  Posted by Hello


Here is the finished bag with the red boa/black fur trim. It took 6 wash cycles to get this firm fabric with the trim. After the usual 3 that I normally do, it was still too floppy. I'm very pleased with this one! Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Almost done! I just have to decrease for the handles and toss in the washer. I can't wait!  Posted by Hello

Here is the picture of that poncho I just finished for a 4 year old girl. I used just one skein of LB Homespun in Boston Rose and some left over Bernat Boa in Parrot for the trim. Poor Chris, he was my model. He sure was a good sport about it. I'm so glad 5 yo boys don't have as many hang ups as 12 yo boys do! Posted by Hello

I saw a pattern for a bag very similar to this. Well, it is in my very nature to try to re-create something I like by figuring it out myself. I just can't stand to pay for something unless I know I couldn't possibly make it myself. I was all set to buy this pattern because it was so darned cute and I thought it was going to be difficult. It just so happened that I saw an episode of Knitty Gritty and they were making a bikini, which used the same principles for the top as were used in the bag. I'm happy with it but would just change it a little bit next time. Posted by Hello

Friday, February 18, 2005

Plugging away on my bags

I'm now working on a black bag with a red boa & black fur border. Will have to upload picture sometime this weekend.

I also just finished a non-felted bag in double strand worsted with cane handles. Picture to follow as well.

Bernie is outside right now trying to make some wooden purse handles for me. I feel so bad. This is taking him a long time and I could just go down to the store and buy some for less than $8. I guess he is enjoying this too. It justifies his purchase of a new band saw, sander, router, etc. Oh well, we both have our vices. Mine just comes in skeins and hanks! (and chocolate!)
I can't wait to use one of his handles on a purse. I'm sure he'll be so proud to see me using it...better yet, he'll feel great if I were to sell it. Hmmm.

WIP: Little girl's poncho in rose colored LB Homespun. Chris was invited to a 4 yo girl's birthday party, which is on Sunday. I would like to do something quick and inexpensive so I raided my stash of some yarn that I had planned on using for a poncho for myself. If I can't finish in time, she'll get a really pretty, funky Bernat Boa scarf. Whatever I end up doing, I'll post a picture.

Got to finish cleaning the kitchen so I can spend the remainder of my night crocheting! Aloha!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Gina, these socks are for you! They are twin sisters from different mothers...ha! Now you know why I was asking what color scrubs you wear. light blue. Just red, pink, black, grey and white. Since we wear the same shoe size, I know they will fit you very well. I love you sis! Posted by Hello

This one is like the sunflower bag although it's made with two strands held together of the Paton's Classic Merino and I made the handles smaller. This one had to go through more cycles of the wash to felt it down to this. It also turned out to be a bigger bag and very sturdy. I have since embellished it with a cream colored rose brooch...I might even be able to publish a picture later. This bag would be great to just throw a few things into it and run to the store. Very easy to access the contents as it's like a big bucket. Posted by Hello

I must say, I think this one is my favorite so far. It is made from Paton's Classic Merino and Noro Kureyon, though I don't know the colorway on the Noro. The handles are wood. Love it!!! Posted by Hello

This one was very popular at work today. I was told to just tell people how much I want for it. I don't know!!!! Posted by Hello

This one is an experiment. I think it's cute but not perfected. It is made from Paton's Classic Merino. The sunflower is from an arrangement in my family room. :) Posted by Hello

The bag on the right will felt down to the size of the one on the left. The one on the left is made of Paton's Classic Merino wool in red/taupe. The one on the right is made from Paton's Classic Merino wool in dark grey and Noro Kureyon (I think in #55) for the striped section. This bag was for Jeanne. Posted by Hello

Devan's bag Posted by Hello

Wow, it's been a long time

I can't believe I've been away so long. I've been one busy woman. I've become obsessed with felting handbags. I've made 9 of them so far. I've been asked by everyone who sees them when I'm going to start selling them. I'm thisclose to doing it. My problem is in setting a reasonable price for them. Each one takes me about 3 days to complete...I turn out one each weekend, starting on Friday.

I've seen a few for sale online and one that resembles my red/taupe bag is selling for $75. I don't think I could do that. I'm leaning more towards $55-60, especially for the ones with the wooden or plastic handles. They look so great in person.