Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Keurig K Cup Rack! So excited!

Look at what my very talented husband made for me!  I was so excited!  Then my friend and fellow Keurig owner, Erika, stopped by and saw it!  She reminded us that it was her birthday so she is now the proud owner of this new K Cup rack.  Bernie didn't want me to give it to her because he said it is just a "prototype" but I loved it and so did she.  I will soon be listing these in my Etsy shop for $25.00 with FREE personalization of up to 11 characters.  If people don't want it personalized, he said he can fit another row of K Cups on it for a total of 18 cups.

Remember that I re-use my K Cups?  I think I've finally found the method that works for me.  I rinse out the coffee from the used K Cup and after drying, I fill it with my choice of coffee.  I then cover it with a single sheet of Glad Press N Seal and wrap with a tiny hair elastic (not rubber band!).  After the internal filter has failed, I make my own filter, again top off with Glad Press N Seal and then secure with a tiny hair elastic band.  They work great!  What a great way to have wonderful coffee and save money, too!

My homemade filter inside the white K Cup.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Sorry I don't have any pictures, but I just wanted to list some of the leftovers that we had from our Thanksgiving dinner.  We had both turkey and ham with the usual fixings so there were plenty of leftovers.

1) Turkey sandwiches with stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mayo.  A local sandwich shop calls this "the Bobby".
2) Turkey salad sandwiches.  I put everything I normally put in chicken salad into these.
3) Turkey & spinach Alfredo with angel hair pasta

1) Ham & eggs
2) Ham slices, collard greens, & rice
3) Split pea soup

I fed what was left of the turkey to the dogs but still had enough ham for about three more meals.  I used my Seal-A-Meal and separated the ham into three bags, including a very meaty ham bone.  For sure I'll make some red beans & rice for one meal and definitely more split pea soup.  Maybe some baked macaroni & cheese with ham for the last meal.  They all sound good but I have to wait for awhile before I can eat  more ham.  I still have another bone-in half ham that I bought before Thanksgiving because it was only $0.77 per/lb.

Between us, I'm so over Thanksgiving leftovers...we had PIZZA for dinner!