Friday, August 21, 2009

New QAYG Table Runner

I have been wanting to try another QAYG (quilt-as-you-go) quilt but I'm settling for a table runner at this point. I couldn't decide which method to use but decided upon the one that uses sashing strips for the front and back, and makes a completely reversible quilt. I decided upon autum colors and found a lovely batik and a fall leaves print. I'm using blocks that finish to 6" and are not pieced, just quilted. Hopefully I can finish it by Sunday as I'm kinda busy this weekend. I chose to hand sew the sashing strips down on the back side and I'm sure I'm happier with the result than I would be had I sewn them down by machine.
It goes together pretty quickly once all the pieces are cut. Bigger blocks would have been good, too. I will put a traditional binding on it in the burgundy colored fabric, which matches both sides. The sashing strips are cut to 1 1/8" for the front and left flat and 1 3/4" for the back and are pressed in half lengthwise. I found many sites online with instructions and here is just one of them from

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cutting hexagon templates faster!

I don't know how many other hexie enthusiasts are cutting their own paper hexagon templates, but I wanted to share how I do it. I have been using Robyn's 2 inch hexagon template. Thanks Robyn! What I do is cut her template sheet apart in rows and then take 1-2 sheets of plain paper and accordion fold them to fit the size of the hexagons. I then put a staple in the center of each hexagon to help maintain the integrity of the template while cutting through several layers. Then I cut around each hexagon shape. This will net me around 170+ hexagon templates per template sheet! Now, if I could only sew them together that fast!

Yep, I'm back to sewing them together by hand rather than machine. It was a great experiment but I enjoy having some hand-work to do while watching TV and prefer the way hand-pieced motifs look more than machine-pieced. I still don't have a grand plan but right now it's all about the journey rather than the destination.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Back from Hawaii...

and trying to get back into the swing of things. It's hard to do when I've been gone for a month! My body is still on Hawaiian time, which is 3 hours behind Nevada time. I had very limited access to a computer while I was there since I didn't bring my own. I have loads of pictures to go through. I'd like to create a little photo album of our trip, which I've never done before.

The crocheted pot holders and hot pads were a big hit. Now I want to get more sewing done. I have a couple of apron patterns to try. This one, by Mary Mulari, is the closest thing I've found to the aprons worn on my beloved Korean dramas! I wanted to buy one but couldn't find any and didn't want to take my mom's apron from her. She offered but I resisted! My sister-in-law brought it back from Japan for her and it's too cute. If it turns out all right, I'll make one for her. As it happens, she really liked the cap I made for her to wear over her curlers and wants me to make her more in various colors. I've got to get working on that! Gina wants one in purple so she can wear it while on her new purple Harley! I bought the pattern from a seller on Etsy and it was very easy to make but I was looking for something a little more fitted, somewhat like a doo-rag. I guess I'll have to draft my own pattern.

For as long as I was there, there are a few things I failed to do. I really wanted to bring home a bunch of fabric but decided to wait until my last day to go to Fabric Mart. In the end, I had so much to do that last day that I forgot to stop at the fabric store. I wanted to bring home some food but didn't get to that either. I did manage to bring home a few little goodies for my friends and some shirts for Bernie. In the end, though, I think he's just happy to have me home and finally get some home cooked meals. It feels good to cook! I didn't do any cooking at my mom's house and since I didn't want her to feel pressured to cook for us, we ate the majority of our meals out. I'm afraid to step on the scale! Time to get back on an exercise regime and eat better!

Picture taken by my friend, David of (from L to R) his mom, Cora, my BIL, Jeff, my sister, Gina, me, my friends, Tom & his wife, Julie