Friday, September 13, 2013

Poor girl's Chemex

I can't remember where I saw the link to the Pour Mason, which is a pour-over coffee system based upon the Chemex coffee maker.  At the time that I found this link, I was testing some prototypes of cloth Chemex filters at the request of someone on Etsy.  Chemex filters are something I do not currently carry in my Etsy shop because I've never actually seen or used a Chemex and didn't know anything about them other than the way they look.  Anyway, I was playing around with a few different styles of cloth filters and remembered the Pour Mason.  I keep mason jars around the house all the time.  My husband and son love to drink out of them daily and I use them for salads-in-jars.  The first filters I tried worked in the funnel because the opening is small.  When I tried them in my wide mouth canning funnel, to replicate an actual Chemex, they slid right through the hole if I was only brewing a single cup, but stayed put if I was brewing 3-4 cups.  I only have plastic funnels and was afraid of a plastic taste to the coffee.  I gave the brew to my husband, who didn't complain about such a taste.  I probably won't be doing this again since I have a Melitta pour over, and my own full immersion filter system, which already work with mason jars, but it was fun to try.