Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Re-using K Cups - Part Deux - Make your own filters!

I love re-using my K cups, especially since I've purchased the My-Kap lids.  The only problem with using these is that after awhile the lids cause the filters to detach from the K cup rendering them useless.  NOT ANYMORE!  I always wondered how I could make my own filters to get more life out of my K cup and now there's an answer.  The folks at came up with a solution and I just tweaked their instructions a little so that I could use my old Melitta basket filters instead of going out and buying Melitta #4 cone filters that they suggested and with my method, there is no template required!  Now it's even easier to re-use my K cups because I just lift out the used filter and replace it with a new one!  Here we go:

Cut the basket filter in 1/2 to make 2 filters

Fold this piece in 1/2 with the opening on the right

Fold the tip up

Fold the open side over 3-4 times

Form into a cone and place into clean K cup

So easy to use and much easier to clean than rinsing out the used K cups.  It literally takes just seconds to assemble a new filter.  I hope all the Keurig lovers will try this.

**EDIT 10/27/10**  This method is not foolproof.  If you don't roll the edge up tight, it might fail.  Also, if you're re-using your K cups, I've found that it works better if you don't use a regular drip grind.  It's too coarse.  Something between the drip grind and an espresso grind works well.  Also, in all honesty, I prefer using the Glad Press N Seal to using the My Kap lids because it's a tighter seal and there is no leakage or dripping from the sides of the coffee maker like there is when you use the My Kap lids.  The re-usable lids, however, are more convenient and once you buy them you don't have to buy anything else...other than more coffee!

 **UPDATE 12/30/11**  Since this post, I didn't give up trying to find a better alternative to the paper filter and I found it.  I have created little filters out of unbleached cotton muslin.  I have been using them for several months and they have NEVER failed!  Here is the link to the post I made about them back in May.