Thursday, May 24, 2007

Brainstorming for new afghan colorway

Right now I'm leaning towards the purple and green set. The one with the pink, orange, blue and green is inspired by Heather Bailey's quilt fabric colorways. We'll see who wins. I might just have to swatch them to be sure.

On the knitting front, I started May socks for the SAM KAL3. They are being done 2 at once toe up. Picture will follow once I get past the toes. I'm using the Trekking XXL in an orange/peach color. Not really my color but it's growing on me. I'm trying to branch out and try new colors!

Got to feed the youngest child. Oldest went to the premier of Pirates of the Caribbean with his friends.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Interior view of chess board

052207 006
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He built this box, which serves as the base of the chess board and covered each section with felt so that the ceramic pieces would be absolutely protected within. I think he did a fabulous job! He has already started another board today. I think he's as obsessed with this as I was about my ripple afghans. Oh, speaking of afghans, he has now completed 3 crocheted afghans himself! He had to halt progress on the one for our son, Anthony, because I couldn't find more yarn in the color he needed. I finally ordered it from and we're anxiously awaiting it. It has been so nice to sit side by side in the evening and crochet together. Isn't that every girl's dream? Get your man involved in your craft and then he can't complain about your yarn purchases because he is dying to raid your stash!

Chess board for auction

052207 008
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Bernie made this chess board for an auction that happened on Saturday night to benefit a fellow firefighter who was injured. I can't wait to find out how much money it brought in. Since I'm blogging from Flickr, I can't post 2 pictures at once so the interior will come next. I'm so proud of his work. He put in a lot of effort to make this perfect. It couldn't have been easy working in his shop (our garage) while the weather was in excess of 100 degrees these past couple of weeks. I'm so glad I can enjoy my crafts in the A/C!

Finally done!

052207 039
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Here is my finished round ripple afghan from my pattern Gentle Waves. I don't know exactly how big it is but in this picture I have it on my king sized bed for a size comparison. I'm now working on another that I started previously, which actually was the swatch for the pattern. No problem whatsoever with the center lying flat! Woohoo! I eventually want to start another one based on Heather Bailey's quilt fabric colorway #2, which is pink, green, yellow and turquoise. I love the photos on her blog:

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Promised pictures

Found this project on Now the boys want one for each of their iPods. They have the 2nd gen nanos and I have the original gen. I hope theirs fit in the Altoids tins.

Also, here are pictures of the latest Fat Bottom Bag that I finished out of kitchen cotton. I lined it with a vintage style Hawaiian print and used a drawstring closure. I bought beads for the ribbon ties today but haven't put them on yet. I don't have to use the drawstring portion and can instead tuck it inside the purse. I'm almost done crocheting the body of another one now. Unfortunately, I'm easily sidetracked by other projects such as the 4 afghans I have in progress, something for my sister, project bags, and socks that are due at the end of the month. I really shouldn't be cruising Craftster because I see so many things I want to make, like these iPod tins or cozies that others have made. I don't think I've ever posted pictures of the crocheted ones I've made. Maybe soon.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Need to post pictures!

I've made more project bags, finished two new purses, and crocheted 3 hats for the boys.

I have also decided to remove the 8 point round ripple pattern from my blog because the center portion doesn't lie flat. It wasn't a problem for me in the beginning but has become one and I don't want anyone investing their time in it and not be happy with the outcome. I'm sorry if anyone tried it and was disappointed. I really hate it when something I want doesn't turn out the way it is supposed to. Golden Rule or Karma?

Pictures soon.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Iced coffee, FOs, and ripple progress

Saw this recipe on the back of an instant coffee bottle today and just had to try it.

Iced Coffee
5-6 cups boiling water
1 can sweetened condensed milk
3 Tbsp. instant coffee

Melt the condensed milk in the boiling water and add the instant coffee. Cool and serve over ice. Yum! The recipe also called for 12 whole cloves but I'm not that big a fan of cloves. I'd add cinnamon or even flavored syrups to change up the flavor but it's great as is.

I finished these socks for the Sock A Month 3 KAL with 10 minutes to spare. Talk about stress! This is one instance where knitting wasn't relaxing for me. I wore them to bed that night.

I think I'm about done with this ripple. Currently it is 62" in diameter and I'm thinking that around 70" will be good enough. As it is, it covers me while I'm in the recliner watching TV. As soon as I finish this one I will concentrate on getting the black/blue one done. I only have a few rounds of that one to go as well then I have two more waiting in the wings. Whew! I'm tired just thinking of all the work ahead of me.