Thursday, October 25, 2012

Crocheted dog harness

I had to take my Samantha to the vet the other day for an eye infection.  Our vet is in PetSmart so after we were done, Chris and I took her for a stroll around the store and I started looking at dog harnesses.  I have wanted one for her for awhile but don't want to pay $25+ for one.  I actually wanted to sew one for her but came across pictures of a crocheted one upon doing a Google search.
I actually didn't follow the pattern but used the pictures as a jumping off point.  My notes as follows:

Size I crochet hook.  Red Heart worsted weight acrylic yarn, doubled.  This gives you a nice firm harness.

Using 2 strands of yarn held as one, chain 43.  Work sc in next 42 sts.  Work 3 rows in sc.  Chain 36 and join to other end of strip.  Work 3 rows in sc.  Work 5 sts along short edge and work sc dec in next three rows until you have 3 sts left.  End and leave a long tail.  Do the same to other short end.  Sew on a side release buckle to each end.  This is to keep the harness attached to your dog.  Then I tatted a loop on each side to attach the leash clasp to.  If I had some metal D rings I would have used those instead but these are nice and work very well. 
Don't let Sam fool you.  She likes it.  She just doesn't like having her picture taken.  I think she needs another one in pink.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New scarf pendant

Just got this pendant from my friend, Pat.  So excited!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Argo Tea Bottle Cozy

I didn't waste any time making this cozy for my tea bottle.  After brewing some green tea in my bottle, I realized it was too hot to handle.  I crocheted this cozy using a size I hook and some Lion Brand cotton yarn.  Round 1: ch4 then dc 11 in 4th ch from hook.  Sl st in top of 3rd ch of beginning st to join.  Ch 3 & turn.  Round 2:  Make dc in same st as ch 3 then 2dc in each st around.  Join w/sl st.  Ch 3 & turn.  Round 3: 1 dc in back loop of each st around.  Join w/sl st.  Ch 3 & turn.  Rounds 4 - 10:  1 dc in each st around through both loops.  Join w/sl st.  Ch 3 & turn, except for round 10 where you'd end w/sl st.  End off & weave in ends.

Argo Tea

Whilst shopping at my local Albertson's tonight, I spotted this tea.  I was originally drawn to the heavy glass bottle but the flavor, mojitea, is what made me buy it.  It is a combination of lime, mint tea, and pure cane sugar.  This turned out to be some of the worst tasting tea I've ever had!  I couldn't even finish the scant 13.5 ounces.  Hopefully, my $2.99 will not be entirely wasted and I can reuse the bottle as sort of a travel tea tumbler for green tea.  I'll bet if I put the tea leaves into one of my reusable drawstring tea bags it will work.  Cross fingers!