Thursday, October 25, 2012

Crocheted dog harness

I had to take my Samantha to the vet the other day for an eye infection.  Our vet is in PetSmart so after we were done, Chris and I took her for a stroll around the store and I started looking at dog harnesses.  I have wanted one for her for awhile but don't want to pay $25+ for one.  I actually wanted to sew one for her but came across pictures of a crocheted one upon doing a Google search.
I actually didn't follow the pattern but used the pictures as a jumping off point.  My notes as follows:

Size I crochet hook.  Red Heart worsted weight acrylic yarn, doubled.  This gives you a nice firm harness.

Using 2 strands of yarn held as one, chain 43.  Work sc in next 42 sts.  Work 3 rows in sc.  Chain 36 and join to other end of strip.  Work 3 rows in sc.  Work 5 sts along short edge and work sc dec in next three rows until you have 3 sts left.  End and leave a long tail.  Do the same to other short end.  Sew on a side release buckle to each end.  This is to keep the harness attached to your dog.  Then I tatted a loop on each side to attach the leash clasp to.  If I had some metal D rings I would have used those instead but these are nice and work very well. 
Don't let Sam fool you.  She likes it.  She just doesn't like having her picture taken.  I think she needs another one in pink.


amy/chick chick sewing said...

Awww... Your Samantha looks so cute with her new crocheted dog harness!!

Carolyn Burns Bass said...

I stumbled into your blog today when Googling reusable K-cups. Great stuff here. Keep at it. Every cent saved that keeps you home with your kids is a dollar earned in their upbringing.