Sunday, February 27, 2005

Depression setting in...

because I am officially "40" right now. Just had an appointment with my new GP doc and had to give him the whole medical/family history. Not only am I 40 but I've gained 8 pounds since my last appointment when I went to the QuickCare back in October. He ordered the gamut of blood work, testing for diabetes, thyroid problems, etc. My blood pressure was 142/92. It wasn't because I was nervous, nor was it because I had just waited 2 hours to be seen. I know I'm fat and out of shape, but didn't think I'd feel this shitty. It's so funny how I've made little deals with myself over the years...swearing not to enter my 20's, 30's and now 40's being fat. What's it gonna take to finally do something about it? A heart attack? Bernie and I went to a Home Remodeling show on Friday and had to hike up the hill back to the truck. It wasn't far, just steep. I swear to God that my chest got all tight and I was so out of breath. He just laughed at me. It wasn't funny. I could feel my heart pounding for several minutes afterward. So, did I go home all renewed and start exercising? Hell no...I'm too fricken lazy! I know I should. In fact, my chest is feeling a little tight right now and I'm just sitting here typing. Aw shit!

Now for the good news. I've got the brown Paton's Classic Merino/Brown & Grey Noro #12 in the washer as I'm typing this. I wanted to be done last night but couldn't keep my eyes open. I've got an idea for a new bag in my head right now that I'd like to start. It will have somewhat of a hobo bag style. I have another ball of Noro that I'd like to use with Black Paton's Classic that I'd like to use.

Also, Bernie finished a pair of needles for me on his lathe. He's getting pretty inventive in his woodturning. I can't remember what type of wood he used but they're about a size 19 US, about 10 inches long and really light! He made them with the end-cap all in one piece. Too cool. Pictures of the bag and needles will be taken tomorrow and posted.

Back to the needles!...or more realistically, on to bed

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