Wednesday, August 24, 2005

More cell phone bags

My project du jour...cell phone bags! Sorry for the crappy picture but it was taken with my phone. I have made about 10 of these so far. It's a great use of scrap yarn, especially those odds and ends of fun fur and eyelash that I couldn't bear to throw away yet didn't have enough of to do anything with...or so I thought! The bag is of my own design and like the crocheted version, the strap buttons to the inside of the bag so that I can hang it from my purse strap or a belt loop, etc. When buttoned, the strap also hangs nicely from my wrist or I can carry it like a mini purse. It can accommodate not only my phone but my ID and some cash. I decided not to put a closure on the top of the bag to facilitate easy accessibility. The dimensions are 3 inches wide by 5 inches tall. It is knit with double strands of Red Heart worsted weight on size 11 needles and has a Bernat Boa and Lion Brand Fun Fur trim. I made a slightly larger one for a friend who likes to spend time in the casinos. She told me that it was perfect for carrying her phone and other essentials. She wore it on her wrist and didn't have to bring her large purse with her. I showed my friend, Steph, how to make them, which is better to me than writing a pattern because I suck at that! I also showed her how to make the crocheted version that appeared in the previous post. She likes the crocheted one and I prefer the knitted one. We're both happy!

The crocheted one that I felted didn't come out to my liking. I might just try to felt it one more time as I could still see the stitches. I have also started another one to felt but this one is knitted. All I have to do is finish the i-cord on that one. Pictures to follow.

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FaeryCrafty said...

Very cute. It almost looks like what you little doll on the right is holding :)