Thursday, November 17, 2005

Yay! No surgery!

Yummy latte! I think I'll treat myself to another after my walk. It's not Starbuck's but it's better than shelling out $3.75. Got to be frugal now, don't I? A great thing about being home...I can now drink my lattes to my heart's content and not have to worry about offending anyone at work when my lactose intolerance kicks in!!!

Yesterday we went back to the ortho and he said that he won't need surgery at all. He expects Anthony to make a complete recovery. Surprisingly, the MRI was interpreted as having a fracture although the ortho said that he didn't see one. He even performed additional x-rays with oblique and lateral views and didn't see anything. We trust his opionion completely and he wants to see us back in 3 weeks. In fact, Anthony was so excited about going back to school that he wanted us to drop him off at lunchtime yesterday. We made him wait until today.

Poor Chris, our 5 year old, who knew that yesterday everyone was going to be home so he tried faking an illness to stay home as well. Didn't work. I got a lecture yesterday because before I took Chris to school I turned on the water to fill up the pool and since it takes awhile I figured it will be done by the time I dropped Chris off. Well, my memory being the crap that it is, when I dropped Chris off at school, it was so cold and he told me he needed mittens so I forgot about the water and went happily to Wal-Mart. Bernie got up and found that I wasn't home but the pool was near to overflowing! He called an reamed me at Wal-Mart then I got the lecture about not only leaving the water on but that since I'm not working, I can't be going to Wal-Mart "every 5 minutes" and that I'd better not come home with more yarn!! By the time I got home, I had forgotten that the reason I went in the first place was to get the baby some mittens (bought them but forgot to give Bernie that as my excuse). Attached is a picture of the beanie I made with the yarn I bought! Hahaha! This is Anthony's football team colors. I'm making one for Bernie, Anthony and Chris. I'd make one for all of the football players but I don't think I'd get 18 of them done by Saturday.

If I learn one lesson in life, it is to make sure I tell people I love how much they mean to me more often and that my procrastination will cause little fissures in my heart. What am I talking about? I started another Clapotis months and months ago with the intention of sending it to a dear friend in Hawaii who was fighting cancer. I let other projects work their way to the front of my "to make" list and never finished it. Molly passed away last Saturday. She was the mother of my first serious boyfriend, Dennis. We were together for six years starting when I was a junior and he a senior at rival high schools. His family, especially "Mom" embraced me as another daughter and even welcomed my husband and children into their family years later. I continued to call his parents Mom and Dad, as did my husband. Weird to some people, but so cool to us. In fact, whenever they would come to town, we'd all go out to dinner together. Bernie once went down to the hotel bar with "Dad" to enjoy a football game and a customer at the bar remarked how nice it was to see a father and son having such a nice time together! Mom always had a smile on her face and aloha for everyone around her. She was a very statuesque lady of nearly six feet tall but God knew what he was doing because she needed all the room to house such a big heart. I know she knew how much I loved her but I didn't say it often enough. She didn't want to burden me with the knowledge that her cancer had spread to her brain. I found out from her daughter how weak she really was. Unfortunately, I can't afford to fly home for the funeral but will have to pay my respects when the kids and I go "home" in a few weeks. I'll miss her always.

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