Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Felting fever and other FOs

The vine lace socks are now a happy couple. The brown yarns have turned into this lovely chocolate bag for Mom. Funny how the finished bag looks lighter than the yarn in the picture. The turquoise bag is a little one I made especially for the cruise so that I can walk around with my phone, camera and IDs without bothering to carry a larger purse. I have a pair of capris just this color! I did alter it after this photo was taken. I didn't care for the beading just above the button. It was a good idea gone bad. I know the beading around the flap looks a bit wonky but it is "handmade" after all and my first attempt at sewing on beads. Steph and I bought the button at Joann Fabric this afternoon after our sushi lunch at Yummy Sushi in Henderson.

I actually have another little bag done that just needs to be seamed and felted. It is a mix of the brown and turquoise that will have little i-cord bracelets as handles. It works in theory. Let's see if it works in reality. Pictures to come.

I'm getting nervous about this cruise. Have I mentioned that this is my first? I have always wanted to go but get terribly seasick so didn't think I would ever actually chance it. I'm going with 3 of my girlfriends that I used to play Bunco with. My friends have told me to start Dramamine 24 hours prior, which I will do faithfully. I'd hate to spend all this money and mess it up just because I didn't start the Dramamine early enough. I'm also worried about how everyone will be dressed. I don't want to look out of place. I can't do "before cruise shopping" like some people because as Bernie reminded me today, I don't have a job any more. Good thing I paid for all of this right after I quit. Will you all think I'm too hokey if I told you I've been dreaming of the Love Boat for the past couple of nights? My friends and I are meeting for lunch tomorrow to go over some details, which I appreciate. Dang it! You'd think I was some hick who has never been out of Dodge before. I have been traveling the world since I was born. It's just this whole "cruise" thing that has me going nuts! Everyone I know who has been on one talks about them like they're part of some super secret exclusive club and since I've never been on one, I, the ignorant uninitiated fool, would never understand the power of the cruise. If I was a man, I'd be packing my polo shirt, plaid Bermuda shorts, black socks and sandals right now! Woohoo Bertha! I'm ready to party!

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