Friday, November 03, 2006

Is it a shrug or shracket?

Saw an episode of Uncommon Threads last week and it was about crocheted projects all starting with a very basic shrug and how you can change it up by just adding rows starting at the neck opening of the shrug. I think I'm making the shracket. I started late last night using some black RH Light & Lofty that I had in my stash. I originally bought it for an afghan but I can always get more later. I have made several shrugs in the past but I'm just getting back into wearing them. I only wear them around the house so far but if we go to the movies tonight, I'm definitely bringing one of them. This reminds me that I had never posted a picture of the shrug that I made out of the Paton's Soy Wool. Here it is. I'm pretty happy with it except that this yarn is very itchy. I have yet to wash it, which might help reduce the itch factor. We'll see. I crocheted it using an N hook and a simply 2dc, 1sc shell. I don't remember how many chains I started with but it's nice and loose and goes from my neck to my waist in the back.

Gotta run and get the little one from school.

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