Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tea Drop...or, Okay, so I'm lazy!

The other day while perusing the coffee/tea aisle in my local supermarket, I spied a Sunbeam Tea Drop Hot Tea Maker on sale for $16.49. I know I needed another kitchen appliance like a hole in the head but I swear it just jumped into my cart. I've been a traditionalist up til now. I figured I'd buy it just to prove it was no good. This thing couldn't really make a good pot of tea, could it? Well, yes actually, it does! I've read numerous reviews of it and people either love it (mostly) or hate it (a few). The ones who hate it usually do so because they say the tea isn't strong enough. Well, I've got a hint for them. They can put the tea (leaves or bags) directly into the pot while brewing, then remove them after the tea has steeped the desired length of time. I've tested this with my medium sized Finum infuser, which sits right at the spout of the carafe where the hot water is dispensed. I set my timer for 7 minutes, which resulted in a nice strong pot of tea, just the way I like it. In the second picture, I added a chopstick for a little stability, whether it needed it or not. I'm sure you could get the same results with a coffee maker, dedicated to making tea, of course. The verdict? I love, love, love my Tea Drop!

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