Monday, August 18, 2008

Fabric hair curlers - part deux

Okay, I mentioned that these fabric curlers did an awesome job but I found them to be uncomfortable to sleep in. My problem is that I sleep on my tummy and having the curlers on the side of my head made it really hard to get comfortable. Last night I decided to try something I'd only tried once with hot rollers and that was to pull up my hair to the top of my head and put it in a ponytail, then put the hair hanging down in the curlers. This is the way to go! I slept so comfortably and couldn't wait until I got up so that I could see what kind of result I'd get from this set. FABULOUS! And I only used 5 curlers for this set. I was tickled pink. Pics are of what my head looked like with the rollers in and then results this morning.

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