Monday, January 10, 2011

So sad today.

The more I learn about the shooting in Tucson, Arizona yesterday, the sadder I get.  Christina Green was only 9 years old, born on 9/11/01.  Such a pretty little girl who was taught about the significance of her date of birth and wanted to grow up and have a life in public service.  I can't imagine what her parents are going through.  My heart bleeds for them.  I don't consider myself overly protective although I think I'm moreso than many parents around.  My youngest son will be 11 this week and I still watch him walk to school until he's no longer in my sight.  I worry every time he goes out to ride his bike, calling him or making him call me when he arrives at his destination.  My eldest is 18 and he doesn't understand why it's so important to call me the moment he gets "home" when he leaves here to go back to his college 3 hours away. Just thinking about not being able to see them or call them is bringing me to tears.  May God bless the family of Christina Green and, of course, the families of the other shooting victims.  I hope justice is swift and harsh for the shooter.

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margot said...

What your son won't realizee until he has his own children is that no matter their ages your children are still your children. When they turn 18 you don't just stop being concerned about them or having their best interests at heart.

I'm 52 years old and still call my mom to let her know that we (my husband and "children" - 20yo and 17yo) have arrived safely at our home when we visit her (a 4-5 hour drive).