Sunday, March 06, 2011

New tea cozies!

The first tea cozy is knitted out of Noro Kureyon, 100% wool.  I love the colors of Kureyon but don't like to make anything that touches the skin because it's so scratchy, therefore, a tea cozy was the perfect use for this yarn.  It felts wonderfully but I was too lazy to make this one felted.  It fits my Old Amsterdam 6 cup teapot perfectly.
The second one is crocheted out of an acrylic yarn from Hobby Lobby called I Love This Yarn!  It is so soft and a pleasure to work with, unlike Red Heart.  It fits my 3 cup pot.
Lastly, is a crocheted cozy based on one I saw here.  I must admit that I didn't follow her instructions, just the concept.  I watched videos on YouTube and had a demonstration of the stitch by Marta from my knitting group, Las Vegas Knitters.  I kinda worked it up as I went along.  The colors weren't planned but I just grabbed what yarn I had handy at the time.  You see?  I am a lazy crafter!

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Susan Being Snippy said...

love the many petalled thing! and the mat beneath it, too!