Sunday, November 02, 2014

No Chemex? No probem!

So,  what do you do when you want coffee and don't have a Chemex handy?  You grab a canning funnel, a cloth Chemex filter here, and a thermal carafe.  So good.  So simple.  I just saved you $50 on a Chemex, or $120 on the Keurig 2.0.  Ok.  Not as visually appealing as a Chemex, I admit.  The coffee does stay hot for hours!  Especially if you preheat the carafe.

No carafe?  A Mason jar works!  Put a cozy on it and then the lid to keep the heat in.

I can see the Mason jar coffee maker on a road trip.  I know I won't be traveling with my Chemex.   No more crappy hotel room coffee (you're good as long as you have a way to make hot water).  Pack all your supplies inside the jar and you're good to go!

I admit that a quart of coffee only fills my husband's monster cup and my measly 10 oz cup so I don't need to worry about keeping it hot unless I'm home alone.

Good coffee does NOT require any fancy equipment.  People all over the world make coffee with much less.

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