Tuesday, December 06, 2005

New yarn @ Wally World?

Went to Wal-Mart after dropping the kids off at school this morning and what did I spy? Wal-Mart has their own brand of novelty yarn. I am trying it in a scarf on size 19 (15mm) needles, single strand. I started out using 2 strands but it was surprisingly thick like that. It's cute and funky and it was only $3.47 per ball, I think. They also had a ladder type and one that resembles Paton's Allure. Only drawback is that they are only in limited colors like black, white, pink and teal.

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Steph said...

Very cute!! I`ll have to look for that yarn. `Cause you can never be to rich,to thin....or have to much yarn ;o)