Tuesday, December 13, 2005

On the needles and upcoming project

Right now I have this shawl on the needles. I've switched to my bamboo needles and it is going much better. I'd like to work on this on the plane but need to revert back to my plastic circs and fight the cable because my straights are 14" and I won't have room to move on the plane.

I also just picked up Glampyre's One Skein Wonder (OSW) and we'll see if I can finish one while I'm in Hawaii. Don't laugh. I plan on getting some major knitting done while I'm back home with Mom and my family and friends.

I'm excited! Everytime I think I'm done packing, I remember something else that I forgot to pack. Just now, sitting here blogging, I look up and see my camera on it's dock. Hmmm, trip to Hawaii, Christmas and New Year's with family, d'ya think I could use this??? Nah! Yeah! What a doofus!

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