Friday, July 06, 2007

I'm so cozy!

I'm getting better at this! I whipped these 5 cozies up this morning after the little one went to school. I think I can squeeze 3 of them out of one fat quarter with careful maneuvering.

I am gifting one of them tomorrow when I meet a friend for lunch. Too bad I already told her about it. I should have just slipped it on her coffee cup. We're going to a Mediterranean restaurant that has the most amazing food. They won awards for their Aphrodite cheesecake that has a baklava crust. Yum! We always split a piece over a cup of Italian coffee after we've practically licked our lunch plates clean.

It was 122 degrees here in Las Vegas today. Don't believe the posted temps in the news reports. They take the temperature in the coolest part of the valley in the shade. Bernie called me from work this evening because they'd responded to 3 fires today and he thought he was all out of clean clothes. Poor guy! And here I am complaining about how hot it is in my car until the A/C kicks in! I can't even imagine how hot it is in all of his turnout gear inside a burning building. I'm just glad I'm married to a man who likes his house very cool inside, especially in the summer, and who doesn't mind that our power bill is $536.00 this month. I'm curious to know how typical our bill is compared to others here in Las Vegas.


Sue J. said...

Wow! That's some heat! And I'm complaining about the high 90's. Dave has been on call for days with the Citadel Forest Fire that is burning only 30 miles away. He has to do all the contracting for it. He says the poor guys who are fighting this fire are having a hard time with the heat, even at 8000 ft. Kudos to your hubby and his colleagues. They are true heroes, indeed.

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

God Bless your hubby! I can't even imagine! And... how dare you mention cheesecake, which might possibly be the perfect food, with a baklava crust, which might be the other perfect food! Now I'm going to have to try to experiment trying to figure out how to make that! Mmmm :P

Mom2fur said...

I'm stunned! I can't imagine what it must feel like in a heavy turnout suit in that heat, and carrying all that equipment. Your husband and his team truly are heroes, just for what they do day-to-day!

Angela :o) said...

Our powerbill (N. Las Vegas) was about $200 but this is our first Vegas summer and we're computer junkies. There are about 3 computers running all day.

My heart goes out to your hubby in this heat. My FIL is a retired L.A. city Firefighter and I know how heavy all the gear is. I'll keep him in my good thoughts. :o)

With love,