Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Black and white quilt done

Woke up this morning determined to get this thing done. The red binding was just the right thing. I figure that it takes me 6+ hours to bind a lap sized quilt. I don't know what it is about binding a quilt that is so relaxing. I make sure the drink next to me is full, there's something interesting on TV or DVD, and I'm in my favorite recliner.

My friend, Pat, is coming over on Friday morning and we'll spend all day and night quilting. She's bringing a Halloween print charm square project and her machine and will be spending the night. Now that I've finished this quilt, I have to decide what project to work on while she's here. I have a choice of 4 different sets of fabrics to choose from but don't have a pattern in mind yet. I have been playing with my Like Sew quilt pattern generator to see if I can find something to try next.


Susan said...

Hey! It really looks great!

And that program looks to be a very useful tool -- if I was starting out, I would certainly consider it -- but since I bin quilting since I was a kid, (and this will give me away) I have patterns and magazines that go back to the early 1970's -- I probably have a million patterns already!!

Susan said...

PS. I just had to add, that now you need to add & quilts to your blog name!

Also, I made a tutorial of my latest project and put it on Flickr if you would like to take a look it is at

Angela :o) said...

Here's a cool site that might inspire you...You can hunt by block name or size...

love, Ang

PS LOVE the quilt.