Wednesday, August 01, 2007

This week's quilt

Just finished this one on Monday. I'm having withdrawal symptoms. What's next? I don't know. I really want to try something more challenging but not sure what just yet. I found a quilt block I want to try that looks pretty easy. I've also become enamored by the bullseye quilts I've seen. So many choices!

I've been dying to do a baby quilt and just found out that one of my neighbors is a grandma of a new baby boy. Might just have to do one now!

Susan, did you notice I changed my header to say I quilt now? hahahaha Thanks for the idea.


Susan said...

Ha! Actually i didn't look til I read the last sentence -- I have your blog on my rss feed and unless I actually go to your blog i don't see the header! but I do know within a few hours when you post something...

the bullseye could be an interesting pattern to try -- I haven't done one -- maybe I will have to try one too!

Angela :o) said...

I love your color choices. That's the hardest part (Oh yeah, and that whole "Finishing" aspect of quilting)

You amaze me....I can't believe how fast you're getting these done!

I've loved bullseye quilts too...just never had the nerve to start one.