Friday, August 17, 2007

More knitting going on

I've been working on the teddy bear sweaters and they're easy to memorize. I started the pink striped one while at the salon waiting for my pedicure this morning. I got to the underarms before I was done there. I wanted to do a girly one for the non-football fan. The blue one is for my NY Giants. I'm glad I have something small to work on since we're driving to Phoenix this weekend for a funeral and I'll knit while Bernie drives.

Just had to get a little sewing done yesterday so I whipped up this little sling bag from part of a fat quarter and left over quilt backing fabric. I will definitely make more of these but next time I want to give the bag a bit more substance by using batting and quilting it. I even started on a patchwork version but haven't finished it yet.


Angela :o) said...

Cute! Where did you find the pattern for these?

Love the bag!

maha said...

Hi; I'm sorry to post a comment not related to this particular post, but I have a question for you. I started working on your gentle waves round ripple pattern (which I really like by the way), and after I did about 12 rows, I realized that I had 13 points instead of 12! I think I made the mistake at the very beginning by doing 13 double crochets into the opening chain instead of 12. The afghan so far doesn't look bad; it's just not lying quite flat (but I think it's getting better as I go along) and, of course, it's not symmetrical. Do you think I can salvage this and just do a funky one with 13 points, or should I frog the whole thing? Your advice would be much appreciated. (Feel free to delete this comment from your blog.)

MikKnits said...

Oh boy, I'm not sure about the answer to this. First of all, I'm sorry it's not lying flat. I guess my question to you is, "How much would it bother you that it's not lying flat and is not symmetrical?" and "How far into the project are you?" Personally, things like this seem to irk me the farther along I go and I can't get over it. I would probably tend to frog it because that's just how anal retentive and weird I am. If you feel comfortable going forward, you can just see if the outer edges lie flat, although the center may never lie flat. That's the problem I was having with my other pattern for the 8 point ripple, that's why I removed the pattern. It just bothered me too much and I couldn't stand the idea of others not being happy with one of my patterns. So sorry that I'm not more helpful.