Thursday, November 15, 2007

Roll-Up Pillowcase

The pattern for this pillowcase was a free hand-out at Nancy's Quilt Shop, however, I felt that the instructions were difficult to understand so I Googled around and found this one, which is easier to understand. I found another site that gave measurements for both standard and king sized pillowcases. That one said that you need 29" x WOF (width of fabric) for a standard pillowcase and 39" x WOF for a king sized pillowcase.

The one I made today for my youngest son is standard sized and it is a very generously sized standard. I like that you can't see the pillow peeking out of the opening, like the one currently on his pillow. That just drives me nuts. I will definitely make more of these. I want to make my older son one with a football themed fabric, if I can find one I like. I think it will be great to take to camp or sleepovers so they can easily tell which pillows are theirs.


margot said...

I've been making these pillowcases for my kids (now 14 & 17 yo), friends, and family for years. They all love the individuality (?) of their cases. We have them for different decors, seasons, sports, and interests. When the kids go on sleepovers or we travel we always know which pillows are ours. Although I haven't done this yet I read a recommendation that when a person makes a quilt they should make pillowcases to match. They look lovely on the bed and double as storage when the quilt is not on the bed.

MikKnits said...

I made pillowcases for my older son and his two friends to take on their road trip to the state semi-final football game, in their school colors. My son refused to use his (which hurt my feelings) but his friends took theirs and loved them and I got all sorts of compliments on them.

Margot, I love the idea of making pillowcases to match quilts and in fact planned on making a pillowcase for a "big brother" to match the quilt I'm making for his soon to be born baby brother.