Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yay! Some quilting and crocheting done!

Last Thursday, Pat and I started on the Quilt Shop Hop here in Las Vegas. We were able to hit 3 of the 6 quilt shops that first day. While at Fabric Boutique, I saw a beautiful quilt done in Asian prints and set on-point with narrow black sashing. I am not comfortable setting anything on-point just yet but fell in love with the Asian print/black sashing thing. I bought some Asian fat quarters at Quiltique on the second day of the Shop Hop to play with but before I cut, I wanted to see how well I could do without a pattern. I came up with this table runner using some 4" squares won on eBay. Unfortunately, it doesn't go with my decor but I love looking at it anyway.

While looking around on this afternoon, I was inspired to try a crocheted coaster. The ones on Etsy weren't exactly like this, but they were pretty, too.

I'll be making more of these coasters for gifts because they're so dang easy. I know Thanksgiving is next week, so I might not have time, but I'd like to try this table runner in Thanksgiving/Fall printed fabrics and make some coasters to match.

Happy crafting to all!


The Carolina Quilter said...

This is luscious! Beautiful. And so are you--your eyes are gorgeous.

Mary Sarah said...

Love the tablerunner and coasters! The coasters would be great gifts and a fall table runner would be wonderful. You did a great job on everything. I work during the week so a friend and I did the quilt shop hop on Saturday, all 6 shops. We had a great time, but I think it would have been better to do it over a couple of days and enjoy the shops more.