Saturday, February 02, 2008

Re-use and repurpose!

Is your plastic grocery bag bin overflowing? Yes? Mine was and it bothered me. I do re-use them in many ways but I just found myself overrun with them nevertheless. I came across this blog called Wisdom of the Moon where she made some re-usable grocery bags from old sheets. I thought I'd give it a try. Her pattern was so easy to follow and I managed to get 9 bags from an old coverlet that I'd never, in a million years, use. (See pics below) Now all I have to do is put them to the test. Gotta get some munchies for our Super Bowl feast tomorrow. Go Giants!

Another good site to check out is

And a bag in which to put all of them.


Susan said...

I made myself some grocery totes, too. I didn't use sheets though but bought some yardage from the 2nd hand store. They are great! Sturdy, and and bigger than the plastic bags that the stores have -- though sometimes I put too much in and then they are pretty heavy -- but they don't rip and fall apart at least. Even if they get dragged in the dirt, just a spin through the washer and they are bright and cheery again... I love them. I am planning to make them from my friends this year as their birthdays/anniversaries/christmas comes along... I am also making some (my goal is 20) to give to the local women's shelter.

I may have to resort to purchasing 2nd hand store sheets to use for that many of them!

Angela :o) said...

Very clever! I inherited some yardage from my grandmother (and hubby's grandma) that I'll NEVER use (but am too cheap to throw away.)

I should make a few bags. Thanks for the inspiration.

Love, Ang

PS You have to forgive me. I still am carrying around your DVD's in my Library Bag.

Monday I have to mail a birthday present, I'll slip them in the mail too.