Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Tawashi in Japan are scrubbers. They're usually stiff bristled brushes but recently they have taken the knit and crochet communities by storm as little scrubbies in the form of fruit, flowers, animals, etc. There is even a group on Ravelry called Tawashi Town. They're addicting, but then again, I say that about everything I do. I guess that's because it makes me feel like it's okay that I didn't make lunch for the family (for 2 days in a row)...I have a new addiction. Mommy needs intervention! Luckily, they're easy to share, everyone washes dishes, right? In Japan they're made of an antibacterial acrylic yarn, for which I can't find an American counterpart. There is a vendor on Etsy that sells this yarn and it's not expensive at all, but she is in Matsusaka, Japan so you'll have to wait a week for shipping. Still not bad.

This pattern is very easy and very popular amongst the Tawashi makers and I have seen some for sale on Etsy as well. I have also adapted my little crocheted coaster pattern for Tawashi. I carry along strips of tulle or nylon netting in the center portion to increase their scrubbing power. They're fast and take very little yarn. Great stash busters! I have experimented with Red Heart acrylic yarn for lack of the Japanese antibacterial stuff and they clean quite well.

Go out and make some Tawashi!


Charles said...

When I showed your sample to the ladies at the shop, they said it would make a great facial scrubber as well. Since I prefer bath sponges, I agreed.

Marte said...

I just wanted to let you know that I answered your question about the anti-bacterial yarn :) Not sure if you saw it, since I just replied in a comment.

PS: There are two tawashi yarn sellers on etsy: Okinawaotterknits and ichigonopantsu. Ok, so you'll have to wait a week for both (I'm used to that, being in Canada), but they have different selections :)

MikKnits said...

Thanks Marte! I can't wait to try that pattern (tawashi knot) I bought from you! I'd also like to try it in crochet, since that's much faster for me. I'll let you know if I do.

Hi Charles. Have you tried it on dishes yet? For facial scrubbies I'd only use cotton yarn rather than acrylic and tulle, which is much softer than the nylon netting. Even then, the tulle might be too harsh for some people and should never be used on the delicate eye area.

Marte said...

Great, can't wait to see it :)

If it helps with your crocheting, the strip I made was about 13.5" long and 1-1.5" wide before folding. Should give you a starting point at least, if you don't already have a crochet pattern. At least with crochet, you don't need to worry so much about right and wrong sides :)