Sunday, February 01, 2009


I've been battling my weight forever and have tried many diets in the past. I got to the point where I just gave up and said to myself that this is the way I am. While I finally felt free of the stress of dieting, my weight was like having an elephant in the room. Everyone can see it but no one is willing to address it. My friends are so sweet and many of us have the same problem. Usually, we support eachother but sometimes we're eachother's worst enemies since we all like to eat and we enjoy socializing around food.

Last week, I was watching HSN and they were introducing a new product called Sensa. Honestly, it sounds too good to be true but at their introductory price and their 30 day money back guarantee, I felt like I a) had nothing to lose but weight and b) I had to prove it DIDN'T work! I'm hoping that with the use of Sensa, I can still enjoy going to lunch with my friends but I'll have a secret weapon.

I just received my kit and started today. I can already tell that my biggest problem will be to remember to use it. It somehow works with the brain to trigger the sensation of satiety. All I'm supposed to do is sprinkle it liberally on my solid/semi-solid foods and over time I'm supposed to feel full faster and eliminate the need to snack. We shall see!

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