Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sewing on Friday, yippee!

What do you do when you have two kids at home sick? Well, I spent a few hours sewing! The big kid had an upset tummy and the little one is getting over the flu. They were both parked in front of their TVs and didn't even notice I was in another room.

I've been wanting to make something out of these quilt squares I bought last summer when I was back home in Hawaii. The obvious thing would have been a quilt but I wasn't in the mood to devote that much time and I really have been wanting to make a runner for my coffee table anyway. I chose to make it very simple, using just three of the five prints available in my pack, backing it with microfleece and choosing to turn and topstitch rather than sew a binding on it. Also, as far as quilting it, I chose to machine tie it. I thought it might be neat to tie buttons on every intersection but it would have created an uneven surface upon which to rest a drink and I didn't want that.

After I finished with my table runner, I decided to make a little runner for the boys' bathroom to place their toiletries upon. Anthony vetoed it but as soon as he's not home I'll get my way!

Next, I wanted to treat myself to what was left of my Mary Englebreit fabric. I had made some pads for my Etsy shop out of it and always loved it because of the teacups and teapots, but hadn't made anything out of it for myself. I had just enough for two new pads and a matching zippered pouch. I love them! I swear, next time I see this fabric, I'm buying a few more yards of it and treat myself to a few more things.

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Barb said...

That Hawaiian fabric is great. I searched everywhere a couple of years ago for surfboard fabric and had a hard time finding any. Now that I don't need it, I see it everywhere! Go figure.