Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hexagon quilting - English paper piecing

The other night I saw some hexagon quilts and found them to be so pretty. I don't really want to undertake that kind of endeavor at the moment but still want to make something with these pretty little English paper pieced hexagons. I saw that some people turned them into coasters, purses, placemats, etc. I also wanted some handwork to take with me while hanging out with my friends at our weekly get together. These were perfect to work on! I adapted one of the little wallets I made into a mini sewing kit. It held everything I needed: templates, scissors, needles, pins, bobbins full of thread, and fabric strips. So neat and tidy and takes up as much room as my cell phone. Since the picture was taken, I have added a magnetic strip up the middle to hold my pins and needle while I'm sewing. I have lost one needle in Bernie's keyboard already and almost lost a needle a couple of times while sewing in my recliner. That wouldn't have ended well.

I appliqued one of the flowers to a hot pad but in a moment of "not-so-brightness" used monofilament thread! Yikes! I can still use it but have to turn it over and put the hot object on the back side so as not to melt the thread. Can you say, "Duh"!!?? I plan to make coasters as well as a table runner. These projects are very quick and so satisfying. I've seen the flowers appliqued to tote bags and jeans as well. Now I just have to figure out how I want to back them and I'll be good-to-go.

I also wanted to show the method I use to baste and piece these motifs. Some people pierce the paper when they baste. I do not. This way, I can reuse the same template several times. This example is the fourth motif I've made with the same set of templates. Thrifty or lazy? I found these templates online but I have since made my own using Microsoft Word. I tried printing on cardstock because I thought they'd last longer, however, I think I like regular printer paper instead for ease of removal. Keep watching to see where these little flowers end up!

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