Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Homemade "clotted cream" a la Alton Brown

There's nothing I love more on a scone, a bagel, or on a spoon than clotted cream.  After doing a search to see if I could make it at home, I found this technique by Alton Brown.

I know this technique doesn't produce real clotted cream but it's a very good substitute! I usually buy Luxury Clotted Cream from the Devon Cream Company but have to drive about 20 minutes to get it and pay about $5.00 for a 6 oz jar. Now I can have it whenever I want! I used pasturized (not ultra pasturized) heavy whipping cream ($1.99/pint). I tried making it in a small strainer with a regular basket coffee filter with very poor results. I then made it in a small cone filter atop a coffee cup with much more satisfactory results. I found that if I stirred the cream to loosen the thick parts every few hours, I got more "clotted cream" left in the filter.  Alton says that the whey strains through the coffee filter leaving the "clotted cream" but I found the stuff that strains through more like a thick half and half cream than whey and poured it back into the carton to use in coffee.  This is the result of my endeavors: