Sunday, February 14, 2010


These were the goodies my honey gave me for Valentine's day.  He knew he'd be on duty so he arranged for these to be delivered by ProFlowers.  How sweet.  Since we haven't seen eachother since we went to sleep Friday night, I thought I'd make a special dinner for him tomorrow night.  I'm sure it will have something to do with steak since he's a big steak lover...easy peasy!

My friend, Laura, and her kids were over last night.  While they were on their way, I knew I wanted to make them a little treat for Valentine's day so I put some cookies in the oven and got out my Cricut.  I made them little cookie goodie bags that I think turned out really cute.  I created a little 4" wide scalloped rectangle and a 2" x 1.6" heart using Sure Cuts A Lot, folded the top of the treat bag over, placed the folded rectangle and heart over that, punched holes through them and tied it all together with some ribbon and tulle.  If I were a stamper, I'm sure I could have added a cute little stamp to the mix.
These are three Valentine's banners I made with my Cricut.

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