Saturday, September 11, 2010

How to brew tea with your Keurig

Sorry, nothing earth-shattering here. A good cup of tea still takes a bit of time to make. With the Keurig it's a little faster thanks to the rapid heating of the water, but you still have to let it steep.  I bought some Celestial Seasonings Iced Black Tea K Cups yesterday and the ingredients listed were black tea and tea extract, which, I'm assuming, is why you can brew a cup of tea so quickly if you use these.  However, I thought the tea that it brewed was too strong and bitter.  I wasn't thrilled.  Here's how I do it:  I use my Finum tea brewing basket and the appropriate measure of tea.  Select the cup size I want and brew. Let it steep 3-5 minutes.  Drink as is or pour over ice.  Not hard.  With this method, I can't brew directly into a cup of ice but I don't really mind.  Did I say I tried putting tea into a used K Cup the same way I make coffee?  Ha!  Light brown colored water that did not taste at all like tea. 

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