Saturday, September 11, 2010

How to re-use your Keurig K cups

Meet Hans, our new Keurig B66 coffee maker.  After trying one out last week at the tire store, I could see that my husband wanted one.  What I liked the most is that he could make a cup of coffee...BY HIMSELF!  My friend, Pat, picked it up for me at Sam's Club for $129.99 and it came with the water filter and 72 K Cups.  Having already done some research on it, as I usually do with any big purchase, I had already found ways to save money by using my own coffee.  Two of which involve re-using the K Cup containers themselves and the other involves using Keurig's My K Cup.  I've already ordered the K Cup Kaps on eBay but until they come, I've found a way that works wonderfully.  It involves one of my favorite household items...Glad Press N Seal!  All you have to do is peel the foil off a used K Cup, rinse it out, then fill with your favorite coffee (about 1 TBSP).  Place two 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" pieces of Glad Press N Seal over the top and press them down all around the cup to seal well.  Place it into the Keurig and try to align the existing puncture with the needle in the housing (it's not hard to feel) and brew as usual.  Easy!  I've read that you can re-use each K Cup at least 10 times!  How's that for being frugal!  Another tip:  My husband and I like our coffee on the mild/medium side and we typically drink our coffee in 16 ounce mugs.  My Keurig has 3 settings: 6 oz, 8 oz, & 10 oz sizes.  To make our coffee the way we like it I place the K Cup in the Keurig and brew an 8 oz cup.  When the machine says it's ready to brew another cup I just lift the lid as if I were going to place another K Cup into it but leave the old one there, close the lid, then brew a 6 oz cup.  This leaves room for the abundance of cream we like in our cups.

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