Saturday, June 11, 2011

Today's tea cozy

I saw one like this on Etsy (look here) and wanted to make one for myself.   Mine is a little different but I think I've used the same stitch pattern.  I can tie it up higher like on the Etsy one but I wanted the knob on my tea pot to show.  I've added a drawstring on the bottom of the pot, unlike the Etsy one.  It was an easy knit and I may make another one.  Only thing I don't like is that the cables have a hole in the center and I think it needs a liner to keep the pot hot longer to really work.  That'll be my next project.

Pattern stitch: multiple of 5 + 2
Row 1: P2, *sl 1 as if to K, K2, PSSO, P2* (repeat from * to *)
Row 2: K2, *P1, YO, P1, K2* (repeat from * to *)
Row 3: P2, K3 to end
Row 4: K2, P3 to end

Make 2 on US size 8 needles

For my 3 cup tea pot I CO 42 sts, knit 2 rows in garter stitch then worked each piece until I had 10 rows of completed mock cables.  I finished with 2 rows in garter stitch then cast off.  I made two long chain drawstrings and wove them in and out of the eyelets made by the mock cables in both the top and bottom of cozy.  I also seamed up the sides, leaving room for the spout and handle. Worked in ends.  Done!

Oh yeah, I did finish the other knitted pleated cosy.  It's the turquoise/lime green one in the back.  I'm making a third one now.  Maybe my sister needs one for her naked tea pots!  I'll make sure to bring some knitting along to Hawaii with me.  Maybe I'll finally be able to make it to an Aloha Knitters knit nite this time.

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Brenda said...

I love your crochet work. You've inspired me to design and crochet some tea cozies. I'm working on my blog, and I'll link to you when it's ready.--Brenda