Monday, September 26, 2011

DIY Plastic bag dryer rack.

I've been coveting one of these for a little while since I saw it on Amazon.comGaiam Countertop Plastic Bag Dryer
I even asked my husband to make one of these for me. Bottle and Plastic Bag Drying Rack - Hardwood
I couldn't wait.  I'm baking a loaf of bread and wanted to reuse a plastic baggie to store my bread in.  I knew my husband had some dowels in his workshop and I just helped myself to two of them.  I don't know what their diameter is (they're about the same diameter as pencils) but they were 3 feet long.  I knew I needed them on the long side to stick into a vase I got as a gift so I cut them in half.  Voila!  A plastic bag dryer that didn't cost me a dime! 2011-09-26_11-12-18_332  My husband said that because they're coming into contact with food containers, I should finish the dowels with a foodsafe wax or oil.  I'll let him do that for me.  He is the woodworker in this house, after all. 

I's not rocket science but I love it when I can get what I want without spending anything, or very little.  It's like a game.  Wanna play?

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Bart Airodrynamic said...

You posted a picture of one of my earlier designs. (Airodrynamic Drying Rack) I'm flattered! Thank you! Bart Stapleton