Friday, August 16, 2013

Knitted & crocheted donut bun maker

Knitted & crocheted bun makers
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Worsted weight yarn. Donuts shown were made in Red Heart yarn. Use a color that best matches your hair.

Size US8 needles. CO 28 sts. Join and knit in the round for 10". Bind off, roll down with stockinette side showing, sew bound off edge to body matching stitch for stitch all the way around.

To make a larger diameter, just cast on more stitches. To make a fatter donut, work more rows.

The bun maker on the right was crocheted. I used an H size hook and chained 28 sts. Slip stitch to join in a circle, being careful not to twist the chain. Ch 2 and work a dc in each remaining chain. End each round by slip stitching into the top chain of the starting ch2. Work 20-30 rounds in DC.  Occasionally, you can roll the tube down to see if you want all 30 rows.  Stop whenever you like the size of it.  End off and roll into a donut shape. Sew top edge of last row to body of donut matching stitch for stitch all the way around.

I use the screw type hair pin to secure the bun to my head.  I typically use three.  They're made by Goody and sold in practically any drug store.  One of the biggest benefits of using these knitted or crocheted bun makers over a sock bun is that they have natural holes into which you can insert hair pins and I feel it's much more secure this way.

To learn how to style your hair using a bun maker or bun donut, go to and search "sock bun" or "bun donut".  There are several videos to choose from.  

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