Sunday, January 26, 2014

Mason Jar Coffee Maker...and Mason Jar Tea Maker...and Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Maker!

I don't know why this has become my obsession today but I just Googled "mason jar coffee maker" and some of the results were hilarious and not only expensive but downright unnecessary.  You can easily use a Melitta one cup pour over, sit it atop your mason jar and make an easy couple of cups.  I wanted to create something that was a cross between a pour over and my usual immersion filter but minus the chopsticks.  This is the final result.  I did not invent this idea, just the filter and the cozy.  I really like it!  Don't know how often I'd use it, given my large collection of coffee/tea making paraphernalia, but still like it.

1)  Insert the filter and fold over the edge of the jar.  If you notice in a few of the pictures, the filter is a bit short, that's because I was testing this with my reusable cone filters.  They work but I wanted more immersion of the grounds so I created a longer, more snugly fit, filter. 

2) Screw on the ring securely.  This also helps to stop the wicking of fluid and keeps it from dripping on the outside of the jar.

3) Add your ground coffee.  Pour your hot water over the grounds.  You don't have to do any special pouring method since the grounds will be immersed, it doesn't matter.

4) Let sit for a couple of minutes for full extraction.

5) Carefully unscrew lid and remove filter.  The lid and jar will be HOT!  It's nice that the outside edges of the filter are still dry so you can pick up the hot, wet filter and put into a nearby cup to cool before tossing the contents.  Enjoy your coffee!

The jar got so hot that I had to crochet a cozy for it so as not to burn my hands.  Just adds to the cuteness factor while being totally functional!

Oh!  It also works with my Keurig just in case I don't have any K Cups available.  You can make tea the exact same way. 

You can also make a small batch of cold brewed coffee concentrate this way as well.  This is a 1 qt jar so I'd use about a cup of coffee and fill the jar as full as possible with cool water.  Put the lid on as well as the ring.  Let sit 12-15 hours then lift out the filter, allowing the coffee to drip while squeezing lightly.  Remember that the coffee grounds absorb a lot of the water so you won't have a full quart of concentrate when you're done.  Toss the used grounds into your compost/trash.  Refrigerate your concentrate and use within 2 weeks.

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