Thursday, December 27, 2007

More teapot/coffee cozies

Is there an award for best dressed teapot? My teapots have the cutest outfits now and do their jobs so much better because of them.

Wanna know why I stopped using my French Press coffee pot? Because by the time I wanted a second cup, it was cold! I'll just bet these teapot cozies will work the same with my French Press. If it weren't midnight, I'd make myself a pot of coffee right now. It'll just have to wait until the morning.


mama k said...

Ingenious! I have often thought about crocheting a cozy for my french press, but I think the sewn one might be warmer.

MikKnits said...

Thanks mama k! It is much warmer than the one I crocheted, however, I'm thinking of crocheting or knitting one and then felting it. I'll just bet that will keep the tea warm, perhaps warmer than the sewn ones. Will blog when it's done.