Sunday, December 02, 2007

The University of Hawaii is PERFECT!

WAC Champions, the Hawaii Warriors just beat the Washington Huskies 35 to 28, which left them undefeated (12-0) and awaiting news of whether or not they'll get to play in a BCS bowl game. The speculation so far is that they'll get invited to play in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.

Hawaii quarterback, Colt Brennan (perfect quarterback name!) was breaking NCAA records left and right, and is a Heisman hopeful, though most are calling him a long-shot.

I don't know how my kids managed to sleep near me in the living room while I screamed and whooped it up during the game. In fact, they're both snoring away right now.

My older son competed in a wrestling tournament today and lost both of his first two matches. The tournament was over at that point for him. The state championship football game was played today as well, but seeing as how we lost the semi-final match in Reno last week, he and his friends had no interest in going to the game. Many of them also wrestle so they used the tournament as an excuse not to go. I don't know how they felt when they found out that the team that beat them last week lost in the championship game today. I was happy that it was a Las Vegas team that won. I'm not worried. I'm looking forward to our team winning state next year!

I was able to do some knitting today at the tournament. I brought my sweater project with me and was so glad I did. I had hours to wait between Anthony's matches. I brought the same project with me last weekend during our 7 1/2 hour drive from Vegas to Reno but since we were driving home at night, I wasn't able to work on it on the drive home. I'm using the Bad Penny pattern by Stefanie Japel as a basic guide for my sweater.

Okay guys, almost 1 a.m. and time for bed. Hope everyone's college teams won today and their NFL teams win on Sunday!

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Susan said...

Football is so different between the US and Canada! We don't quite have the following for college or high school teams, but those who love pro ball, were watching and wagering on the Grey Cup, played in Toronto this year and won by the Saskatchewan RoughRiders, last weekend - now football is done, I guess the guys watch hockey (yuck, yuck, yuck). I am a mother who has always been thankful that neither of my sons got into hockey or war (to me they are much the same - one not quite as deadly as the other? or is it?)
Christmas is coming though -- I have gone scarf makin' crazy...