Monday, April 15, 2013

Crocheted onion/potato keeper

I love storing my onions in panty hose with a knot between each onion.  When I need one, I'd just snip off the bottom onion.  The panty hose allows air to circulate around the onions, which keeps them fresh longer.  What does one do when they have a few onions and no panty hose?  If you're me, you crochet a solution!  It works for potatoes as well.

Start with a circle of 12 dcs and increase 12 sts in each round of the next 3 rounds for 48 sts total.  To make the mesh portion start with a ch5 (counts as 1 dc + ch2), sk2 sts then dc in next st.  Continue to *ch2, sk 2, dc* around then join in the 3rd st of the ch5. Work to desired height.  I worked 25 rounds then worked sc all the way around the top, ch6, sk 2 mesh squares & join with sl st then turned and worked 10 sc to reinforce the loop.

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