Saturday, May 14, 2005

Oy! What a day I've had!

I was awakened at 7:30 a.m. by the sound of my doorbell frantically ringing. "What the f**k?Who the Hell can that be at this hour?" It was Bernie, who couldn't get into the house because I deadbolted the door. Okay, I'm up already, guess I can start sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the bird's perch, cooking breakfast and doing a bit o'laundry. Just for starters, mind you. Chele called around 9:00 to see if I can get away for a couple of hours for an impromptu girl's lunch at Fausto's MexiGrill in Henderson. Yum...okeedokee I say and then proceed to call Jeanne to let her know the plan. We're set to meet at 11:30. I'm pretty funky after all that housework so I jump in the shower and basically fart around until 10:50 when Chele calls and says she can't make it. I try calling Jeanne 3 times and can't get a hold of her. I guess I'd better just go there and meet her so she won't be waiting for nothing. My 5 yo asks to go so off we went. As I'm on the road, Steph calls as we had planned to get together today and knit. I tell her what I'm up to for lunch and invite her along. By this time, Chele takes care of her business and says she might be able to show after all. I'm almost at Steph's and Jeanne calls. Amen! She was in the shower and couldn't hear the phone. We're all set.

Needless to say, we had a wonderful lunch. Steph can't wait to tell her husband about Fausto's as it reminds her of a place in San Diego called Jalapenos (look Steph, I found it!). She was nice enough to take a picture of Me, Chris, Chele, Jeanne, the latter two she just met today. She fit right in.

We left Jeanne & Chele and returned to my house for some knitting, or so we thought. Bernie was outside painting the balcony since it was just stuccoed. We were able to get in a little bit of knitting before the delivery truck came with a new sectional sofa for the family room. I didn't even know Bernie bought it. It was supposed to be a surprise! And it was. I had to put my knitting down to re-arrange furniture...bummer but also not, since I just got some new furniture. What's kinda cool is that it is pretty much an identical match to an old sectional we have in our loft, given to us by friends Pat & Jim when they moved. It's perfect for the kids to watch TV & play video games. Since it's old, we don't worry that they'll trash it. The new sofa sure changes things downstairs. I'm really going to enjoy not having to tuck and re-tuck the slipcovers on our other sofa anymore. That was a major bitch to have to do all the time. But with active kids and white furniture, it was necessary. Bernie and I have since moved the loveseat to our bedroom to add to our little seating area. Now it's a really comfy place to curl up with a book or what else...knitting! Pat & Jim stopped by right after the delivery so they could see the sofa and how much it looks like their old one. Too funny!

Steph's family joined us in the afternoon so the kids could swim and we could sit around the pool and enjoy some beer and eachother's company. What a great day!

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