Sunday, May 29, 2005

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

for hanging out by the pool. My boys invited 3 of their friends to come swimming and I'm just sitting here, it's 94 degrees and windy as Hell. It was 103 yesterday. Freaking hot! It's not even summer yet...can you imagine?

I'm working on the decreases of my 2nd Clapotis, the 3rd is calling me to work on it but also that bag for Pat is hoping to be felted this week.

DJ's on the radio at 98.5 KLUC are describing the scene at the Hard Rock Hotel pool as a feeding frenzy of sharks! I believe it. All the beautiful people who came to Las Vegas for the Memorial Day weekend are sunning and funning before hitting the tables tonight. Oh to be young and dumb again! Okay, just to be young again! But isn't youth wasted on the young? Yup!

Boys have evacuated the pool area...which says to me that they're looking to be fed.


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