Sunday, December 10, 2006

Felted soap part deux

Steph, Sidra and I had a very impromptu get together today at Nancy's Quilt Shop. Barb was teaching a class on knitting washcloths and soap sacks as well as the making of felted soaps. We were too late for the class but stayed and knitted with some of the "regulars" for awhile. Instructions from HGTV on soap felting here.

I had already tried my hand at felted soap last night with some roving I already had but had to pick up more at Nancy's because she had some awesome colors. I came home and immediately felted another 7 bars of soap. Bernie was ticked because he thought I felted every bar of soap in the house and has no desire to use my felted soap. I did manage to leave a few bars unfelted, honest! My favorites to felt are the Dove bars and a soy soap I had because they are both rounded. I did felt a rectangular shaped bar but the corners weren't fun to deal with. The roving was under $12 for an 8 ounce bag and it looks like I haven't made a dent in the amount after felting 7 bars. Now I want to pick up more colors but will probably go to Wooly Wonders because it's closer to my house than Nancy's is. I'm sure there will be many more bars of felted soap in my future. Hmmm...I'm already thinking that these will make great Christmas gifts tied with raffia bows and little tags explaining their purpose and care instructions.

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