Monday, April 16, 2007

Fat Bottom Bags

I first saw these last week. It has since become an obsession. I was just cruising someone's blog and saw one. I don't even remember which blog it was on, but I wanted one. I Googled until I came across the CAL at Crochetville and I spent two days looking at all of them. My local library showed that they had the book, Stitch N Bitch Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller, on the shelf so I rushed right over, only to find that it was gone. The librarian said that it hadn't even been checked out, "just grew legs". I was heartbroken. I placed my name on the waiting list and went back home to drool at the pictures again. I looked at them for so long that I came to the conclusion that I could probably "wing it" and the cream colored bag was the result. I tried to make it a little bit bigger and the blue one was the result of that. I think they look pretty much like the other FBBs out there. They're even lined, thanks to the tutorial that was on C'ville. I still haven't seen the pattern, but want to, just to see how close I got. I must go to Joann's to find more handles tomorrow. I like the blue bag but hate the handles on it. I think it's like the cane in wicker furniture. Not attractive at all. I'm currently working on a chocolate brown version that I'm going to line in a coffee print fabric I bought at Michael's. I started it at knit nite tonight and I'm almost done with the body of the bag already. Stupid me, I ran out of the house without my knitting project. Good thing I had the crochet hook and yarn in my other project bag. I'm going to experiment with a different way of lining tomorrow. I'm not going to line it until the handles are done and see how much more difficult it is. I won't cut the yarn, just in case, so I can rip the handles out and re-do the lining if I have to. Am I asking for trouble? BTW, the most beautiful FBBs I have seen so far have come from some talented crocheters in Portugal and Brazil, like this one. Gorgeous!

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FaeryCrafty said...

Those are gorgeous!! My bag came today and I just love it!! Thank you so much. I'm going to post about it soon! You did an excellent job! I still say you should think about etsy.