Saturday, April 21, 2007

Paton's SWS Fat Bottom Bag

Started this one this morning and finished it early evening. Well, not quite done. It's unlined at the moment because I don't have a coordinating material right now. I'll check JoAnn's tomorrow. Hope their fat quarters are still on sale. They were 99 cents each the other day. Also, this one was much faster because of the way I did the handles. These were black plastic round purse handles from JoAnn's.

Speaking of handles, I went to Home Depot's plumbing section and bought some 1/2" diameter vinyl tubing. I bought two different kinds. One was black and medium firm @ 10 feet for $2.79, while the other was braided vinyl and is quite firm @ 10 feet for $4.99. I figured that I used 3 feet for both handles of the black purse, which would come out to $1.66 per purse for the braided vinyl and 93 cents per purse for the black vinyl. I can't wait to use them! Have already started a spring green colored one. Pictures to come when done.


FaeryCrafty said...

I posted the pretty bag you made me :) Thanks again!

Art & Disorder said...

Hello beautiful Fat Bag...wonderful,wonderful!