Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Knitting bags

Yesterday I had lunch with my friend, Pat, who generously offered to make me some sock knitting bags from the My Leetle Bag pattern. I was expecting just one or two but she made me six! They're all lined in coordinating fabrics and are just too cute. I felt like it was Christmas! She totally inspired me to go home and see if I could do it. I do not sew. At all. The sewing machine scares me. In fact, the one sewing machine that we own actually belongs to my husband. I bought it for him for our first Christmas together since he told me he could sew and I knew he didn't have one.

I cut out my pattern pieces and started sewing on a scrap piece just to get used to the machine. Something was wrong. I was done before I even started. I went pouting into his office and told him something didn't look right. DUH! I didn't have it threaded right. After that I was off and running. My first bag didn't look half as nice as Pat's. But it was my first one and I love it anyway. I went searching for any scraps of fabric lying around the house from my previous lame attempts. I found a colorful Hawaiian print and an equally colorful Japanese Sakura print and this is what I made. The last one (standing up in the picture) was perfect except that I didn't have any more matching ribbon. I'll have to fix that.

Pat and I also discussed other uses for these bags and I thought of one last night. When I pack for a trip, I usually put my shoes into plastic shopping bags. Wouldn't these make great shoe bags?


Steph said...

WOW!!! You did a great job!
See ya soon.

FaeryCrafty said...

Those are too cute!

Sherri said...

I dont think you remember me but if you do its just too cool. I love your new site your other one was just to dark for me. But who cares I love your new site:) heehee Im Sherri remember when I came to the knit nights or days with my sister Carri and you did all of her knitting? Well she still does not knit! Ive tried but really crochet faster than knitting but I keep on trying. Well all this to say hi! HI Happy Easter and I love your little bags...I have a brand new sewing machine sitting on my bedroom dresser that has been there for 2 years I have yet to open the shrink wrap :) See your not alone